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West Kelowna
“…I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life after my husband of 30 years died of a sudden heart attack. Cherylann found that part in me that was ready to lift up out of my depression and finally have self-permission to live and enjoy the rest of my life! I can’t thank her enough…”

West Kelowna
“I went to Mind Miracles hoping to lose some weight. I’m now still doing that and I feel excited about the new body I am forming, all starting in my new controlled mind!...”

“I had no confidence in my ability to be a wellness practitioner myself and to build my own business. The hypnotherapy techniques were amazing in showing me exactly how good I am at what I do! How come I ever doubted myself is my question!?”

“…My fear of flying was becoming a problem with our new business. I had to fly but was terrified. It took one session and flew that weekend and it was actually FUN! One year later I had another opportunity to fly and had the same wonderful time. Amazing.”

“My husband and I came in to stop smoking. I quit and finally feel healthy two years later! It cost me $250.00 and so far I have saved $6700.00 in the two years of not smoking. My husband did not stop and we know that was because he was only doing it for me. Keep that in mind you need to want this for yourself. I have quit smoking before and never have I felt so calm and in control while doing so!”

“I attended a Group Hypnosis workshop at the Peachland Wellness Centre and decided to check out a personal session. Little did I know how much I was carrying around without even realizing the heaviness of my heart. I think I became use to carrying around a lot of bad self messages and telling myself I am hopeless just kept me hopeless. I completed seven beautiful sessions and my depression is still gone six months later. If I ever start going back down that abyss of hell I have the mental strength and tools to correct myself. Thank you for giving me back my identity, Cheryl!”

West Kelowna
“…I heard about Cherylann and decided to see if hypnosis could help me. I had a shameful eating disorder that has been out of control for years. I was able to get inside of my own head and figure out I was self punishing, taking over the mental abuse from the words of my step-father who made me feel like I was fat and worthless….”. “Cherylann said our bodies respond to our thoughts, and it is so true! I can’t ever see myself purging again.”

“We don’t have hypnotherapists in my city so I decided to venture out to MMH in Westbank. I won’t tell you what was wrong but I will tell you what was right – my treatments…it was well worth the drive and money and I will tell people!”

“…I’ve been coming in for hypnosis every couple of weeks for over a year. My mother killed herself when I was five. I use to be an anxious perfectionist control freak who could find no happiness. That girl is gone and now I am building my life with my new emotions of peace of mind, compassion, and I AM HAPPY! It’s okay if I go out and let loose now and then and I thank Cherylann and hypnotherapy for giving me back my life!”

“I have been to a psychologist / hypnotist years ago and found the treatments not nearly as deep or helpful as the hypnotherapy and counselling Cherylann offered. She knows what she is doing and it shows. I couldn’t believe how deep I go into hypnosis in Cherylann’s chair where the relaxation alone has all but removed the pain I use to feel throughout my body. I now understand that my thinking creates a reaction in my bones, my muscles, my body. But more than that, I actually understand WHERE things went wrong for me and now can look back in my past without a bad emotion at all. I feel free!...”

“I saw Cherylann’s sandwich board outside of the FWC for over two years. Finally I decided to see if hypnosis could help me. I think my unconscious mind was attracted to the idea because it really was the best thing I ever did for myself in spite of all my critical conscious mind thoughts about it. I am no longer what my family imagines me to be. I am what I imagine me to be and I’m running with that healthy gal now and it feels GREAT!”

“I met Cherylann at an Expo here and decided to check her services out. There are no words to describe my emotions now that I know where they came from. My fear and guilt and worries were all my negative imagination beating on me. I stopped the self abuse and I found my life back.”

Lake Country

…”When I met Cherylann for the first time I could tell right away that she really cares. If you are looking for a good experience with hypnosis and hypnotherapy Cherylann not only explains how it works but she knows what she is doing to get you to where you need to be for mental changes.”


“I had a very strange habit that couldn’t be explained biologically. I had been to many neuro-surgeons to find out why I kept turning my head to the right and besides drugs which didn’t help nothing worked. Hypnosis did and I think it is because Cherylann actually researches strange disorders to determine the best hypnotherapy technique to use to stop it. Whatever she did, it stopped…”


“A couple of years ago you came to my dad’s extended care home doing relaxation and anxiety relief hypnosis to help the older folks cope with ageing, and their own mortality. My Dad is now weaned off all of the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication they were dishing out to him and he is anxiety free…THANK YOU THANK YOU!”


“I heard about Mind Miracles Hypnotherapy on Facebook and wondered if this kind of therapy could help me. I was drinking over a bottle of wine a day and things were out of control I just leave it at that. I had no passion or zest to do anything Cherylann didn’t judge me and she showed me she really cared. She has her own amazing story of depression and anxiety recovery and just seeing her shining her light the way she does makes me believe I can do this. Today I only drink a couple of glasses when I am out with friends socially (and I am out again socially Cherylann!), and I can stop easily and go home without worrying about driving. I am in control of myself where before I was not – what can I say? THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE.”

West Kelowna

“I have been going to the Family Wellness Centre for over 10 years for massage. When I heard that there was a Hypnotherapist there I knew I had to try it. It didn’t work because I expected Cherylann to knock me upside of the head with some weird power and suddenly I wouldn’t smoke anymore. It did not work the first time. When Cherylann explained that I must WANT to stop or nothing will stop I got it. Then I let the hypnosis and hypnotherapy calm me and put my mind back in the driver’s seat. I don’t smoke anymore, I have gone back to the gym, and I’m so glad I didn’t give up!”


“I met Cherylann at the Woman’s Fair in 2015 in Kelowna where she was doing quick inductions at a booth. It was interesting so I decided to try it even though I wondered if it was just a bunch of nonsense. It’s not. This is serious therapy that gets to the root of mental and emotional problems and puts people back in control when they feel out of control. That is exactly what happened to me when I decided to wean off of my anti-depressant and finally fix what was making me feel so weak and no energy. Before I stopped caring about my appearance and my moods could be felt by others a mile away. Now I am feeling confident, in control, and alive and thank Cherylann for getting me in touch with myself again. I’m loving life!”


“My son was experiencing so much anxiety at school I had to keep him home. Now he is finishing his 12th year and says he feels free of the energies that made him feel crazy in the school. Cherylann explained school was overwhelming to my sensitive son and he reacted physically with his panic attacks. Now he goes to school feeling internally safe. Cherylann, thank you for showing my son that there was nothing wrong with him at all and all he needed to do was learn a few mental tricks to calm himself down and observe things objectively rather than be emotionally involved. It works! Now I have to learn to calm myself down so expect a call…”


“My sister came to see you to lose weight and I decided to make an appointment. The first session was wonderful and you explained how it works thoroughly. On my third session you did regression therapy with me and I am so glad I decided to look back over my history and change my mind about how things really were. I was seeing and feeling things from a child’s mind and it had to see things from a wise adult’s mind. Immediately I felt a mental shift that really opened my eyes about things. I tell anyone who will listen that you literally changed me. I know me now and I LOVE ME!"

Thank you so much to those who kindly offered words of praise. I omit names for confidentiality reasons. I have also changed some cities with client symptoms to ensure their issues will never be shared with the public in their community. If you decide to use hypnotherapy to change some aspect of your emotional / mental health, please let us know how our hypnotherapy services worked for you! Reviews are always welcome. If you are unhappy, please tell us as we would be crushed if anyone was dissatisfied with our services!

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